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tv   Fast Money Halftime Report  CNBC  September 28, 2012 12:00pm-1:00pm EDT

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points. and the nasdaq is lower by 19 points. 3, 117. in studio on the set right here, to arkansas mean yans in the same time. mike murphy is out there in the ether. let's start with this european threat. is it a european threat? is this affecting your decisions today? >> absolutely. that's been the catalyst of this week. there's a new catalyst. we were talking about it the other day. there's always a shark circling the boat. the shark right now is europe. next week it will be the presidential debates. but this is something that's right in front of all of us. i continue to look at this market with just an unbelievably impressed with how we're reacting to the body blows we have been delivered look at fedex and intel. cuts across the bow. the sharks were circling.
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now you have europe circling. and we're still trading at 1436. it's impressive. >> dr. jay, it has been pretty impress pif, hasn't it? as we wonder about the fourth largest economy in europe potentially falling t, waiting for the big numbers. >> we know they are not falling apart. if they did a true stress test, and you'll be able to translate it live coming out. but as they are talking about the stress tests, does anybody think they are not going to pass? talk about people that rig games. this is a rigged game as far as passing a stress test. when was the last time someone didn't pass? >> it's crucial the market gets credit? >> if that's the case, let's ring up somebody. >> the first flash is from spain. the banking system has a capital shortfall of 59.3 billion euros.
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i believe this is in line with expectations. spain, another headline. capital shortfall 53 ppt 7 when you take into account the tax credit. some of the stuff written beforehand was that if you're a good bank, you can use it. if you're a problem, you can't use it. spain says seven banks have capital needs. seven do not. and they said the shortfall is 3.2 billion euros. details on the banks. so this is appearing to be in line. you said earlier there were some significant questions as to how they were doing the count iing here and the amount of money needed to shore up spain. there's 100 billion euro available. for the moment, spain is going
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to be e below that number. >> it looks like the euro has popped off a little higher as a result. if we can show the spanish tenure at some point and also the major averages. we're looking for the bad bank. how much capital is it going to need and what price are we going to see those bad assets put into the bad bank. hovering around flat. >> i'm seeing the two-year is rising in price, declining in yield here. now down around 3.5. i'll look at the tenure in a second. for the instant reaction, somewhat favorable for spain today. >> immediate reaction? >> we expected 80 billion. one of the reasons we expected that was because of you. >> that's what we were reporting two days ago. >> with the tax credit, maybe 53.7. so like i say, whether we want to really buy into the numbers or not, we had a whole 8-cent
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pop. 8 cents to the upside. i don't see big reaction yet. right as we came on air was 171.93 2. watch that and see if. we react t t downside after an 8-cent blip. >> today is the last trading day of the quarter. how are you setting up for the fourth quarter in light of all this stuff going on? from your fourth quarter play book, will the statement that the cult of equity is dying be proven wrong? let's bring in chris levy. chief investment officer. good to have you here. >> good to be here. >> how important is the spanish bank stress test to you today or over the long-term? >> it's somewhat important in the short-term. in the long-term, with europe, we think the key is that the easy has sent clear signals they will step in. >> you're a bullish guy. >> we're a long-term bull. we think for the balance of this
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year, we try to move sideways. but next year, we think it will be another good year for equities. >> why? >> there's two reasons. cash returning the shareholders is about 5%. 2% dividend yield. 3% what we call the buyback yield. before you grow earnings, we're in a 5% return. and we think earnings grow in line with nominal gdp. so if you combine those things, you're looking at a 9 to 10% return for equities. >> one of the areas you like, it looks like reading over the notes are the financials. is there specific areas? where exactly would you pinpoint that you see the most upside going forward? >> we pinpoint the money centers in particular. not so much the regionals. the money centers have had a nice move in the past couple months. we still think they are cheap. the poster child for that is
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citigroup. and we think the earnings power of citigroup will become more transparent to the street over the next year and as a result, we still think a lot of upside remains in citigroup. >> the inflation in the united states is clearly in the bottle, but it could just as easily get out of the bottle. is that your thesis for 2013? >> inflation is one of the risks of the thesis. the banks are being accommodating. one thing to remember the key factor would be velocity of money. it only goes up if lending increases and so an early beneficiary of that would be citigroup so you can think about that in the early days of that process as being a partial hedge. >> if rates go up for the wrong reasons, it could completely -- everything could get ratcheted down. isn't that true? >> i think we're quite a ways
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away from that risk playing out. we haven't seen much evidence of inflation so far. so we think that before you get anywhere close to that point, there will be opportunities for the fed to retreat from their strategy. but the other thing i want to touch on is what if rates go up? that's a positive for the net interest margins for citigroup. >> i want to interrupt quickly. just saw a flash that 49 billion is the need for capital for the nationalized banks in spain. that may be the equivalent of what we're talking about when it comes to the bad bank. we'll have to keep watching that. you also like technology. not just financials. would that include the big run up names like apple and google? >> our favorite in technology is google. despite the run up in google, despite the run up, google
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excludeing cash is only a an earning. and what they are missing is the volume group for paid search that lies ahead of us in mobility. if you look at paid search growth it was 41%. and we think the pricing for mobility surge is only going to improve from here. we think the growth outlook for google is very compelling. even after the run up, you're only 13.5 times next year's earnings. apple is a name we like but our favorite in the group is google. >> all right. we'll let that pass even though it was opaque as to whether or not you'd buy it. thanks for joining us. >> thank you. let's revisit the markets. the dow hasn't moved all that much. down 56 points in light of what we have seen from the spanish bank stress tests. it's come off the lows.
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what do you make of the reaction? >> it's definitely come off the lows. i agree with chris on several topic there is. when he's talking about the money center, where have we seen the most activity? it's been in the xlf. specifically citi and bank of america. and google sounds like a great name. so does apple. as you're lifting off the lower ends, i wouldn't be surprised if we get momentum to finish flat for the quarter. >> you've been pretty quiet. >> i was waiting for you to come to me. >> i agree with what most of the guys are saying. i think as you set up here, you want to look at the technicals. we held 1433 yesterday. i think what came out of spain today had the potential to be very negative for the market. the fact that it's not, i take as a huge positive. that's why you're seeing the market rally here. and now above 1440 on the s&p, i
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look to take out 1450 and we continue our move higher. i expect a strong fourth quarter. >> this was just a horrible pmi today. the chicago number that's why we're down. sure we were nervous ahead of the spanish stress test, but besides that, i think people were really focused more on the pmi and just how miserably weak that was. the first time below 50 since september of '09. that will weigh on the markets regardless of how we interpret the spanish information. that's why i'm lightening up here. >> the data here, it's pretty bad, i think. but the market can still go higher. we have talked about as long as it stays above 1425, that being the s&p and it it held there the other day, it's fine. you buy the dips until we breach 1425. another test towards the 1475. >> guys, don't move. more headlines as they come out of spain and the stress test.
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also coming up here on fast money, the road less traveled. the jump into maps creating confusion. first mcdonald's shares are trading lower. the dish on a new downgrade. and china's wall of worry. is it overblown? we get some answers. those stories and more with we return. >> it could be going up, down or sideways. you have to be able to surround the trade. >> we're all together as a team but we come at it from a different perspective. >> it's about moving the the odds in your favor. >> i am fast money. sometimes investing opportunities are hard to spot. you have to dig a little.
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welcome back. stocks continuing their rebound after the spanish headlines we were down 118 on the dow earlier. now we're lower by 58 points. 40 points. big improvement here as we move through the session. let's bring in steve leaseman. not a lot of big surprises here. >> the market reaction might be a surprise. how many times have you and i
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been here with europeans disclosing what they say is the final final accounting and nobody believes them. so it's very early to say. but the question has to be asked on this discussion, in my opinion. are we at a point where the market might finally begin to disclosures of a european bank supervisor that now we're accounting for it? there's two parts to the equation. we have a means for making it up. fascinating article. europe needs to have a bank bailout like we had in the u.s. get the banking system going again, you need to plug it with public money. so the question becomes, and i know this is early, but it's what you have to figure out. does the market believe this number, this process? which by the way, was done by an
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independent consultant and it's something they can stand behind that puts the totality of the problem outdomain. >> acknowledging you have a problem is the first step. the question is who pays the bill and there's debate about the spanish taxpayer or european taxpayer. that's going to be a lot of ugly back and forth like we're used to in europe. >> there was a hiccup with some finance ministers. i believe there's a sense in the market that once the number can be agreed to that there will be this esm money that will come in and backstop it. that would be a major blow to europe's efforts to right itself if they back off this money. >> thank you, steve. i agree with that. lots of reasons. we're talking about spain. lots of reasons to worry about china as well.
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take a look. greece is higher by 8% while shanghai is low r by 5%. are the concerns about china overblown? let's welcome the head of economic china research at uvs. good to have you here. we can't hear her here in studio. >> i can read lips. she said it's great to be with you, michelle. there she is. told you. >> everybody is worried about whether or not there's going to be a hard landing in china. is there? >> yes, indeed. i think there's a lot of worries in china. we think china has landed as hard as it can. we're looking for a sequence shl recovery in the coming couple quarters. >> you're looking at gdp? what drives you to that conclusion? >> we're going to look at the gdp growth. so we're looking at industrial
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production. there are other higher frequency numbers. we would expect that power consumption should pick up too. that's a measure for having had things like steel and metals, cement, machinery, and so on. thosetors will be suffering a bit longer than it the overall economy. >> the news out this morning that they are going to prosecute boji lie. there have been suggestions that the political problems in china have delayed the ability to focus on the economy. maybe delay the stimulus program. do you agree with that? >> well, i think the leadership transition make the policy coordination a little more difficult in the past few months. but the slowdown in the economy hasn't been that hard compared to 2008 or 2009. there's no large amount of
12:19 pm
unemployment or layoffs. the government was less worried. of course, with the announcement of the like ly fate and a date for the party congress, a risk premium is taken off, or at least reduced from the market. >> dr. wong, so many people have such widest mates on china. you hear some people say real gdp growth is 4%. some say 8%. you guys are right under 8% for next year. what could happen in china that would derail things? i agree with you it's a soft landing. that it's landed and turning around. what's on the ground that could actually turn that thesis upside down? >> i think right now, of course, corporate earnings have dropped a lot. i think at the moment what is really positive is property sales have rebounded. so what could derail that, for
12:20 pm
whatever reason, the government decided to tighten the property sector further or people lose confidence on this sector, that property sales and construction nose dive from where we are now. then it would be very hard to have a soft landing in china. >> guys, more questions for the doctor? >> i would say that the comparison to greece that we yutzed at the top of the show is unfair to say greece is outperforming china's market since it's about 1/20th the size of gdp. cho china spills more than greece generates over the course of the year. sorry about that. but they can outperform like crazy for short periods of time. but it's not really real in terms of global gdp comparison, is it? >> no, it's not. and i would also say that for
12:21 pm
china, of course, the asian market has usually not correlated very well with the gdp growth. i think it's not a great, you know, sort of measure for how the economy is doing. there's concerns about policy. there's uncertainty. there's concerns about too much supply, too many new shares being issued. and it's relatively small compare compared to the economy. it's dominated by the financials and everybody doesn't trust the bank's numbers. so if they don't trust the bank's numbers, it's hard for it to actually go up. >> we ask that question a lot. do you trust the banks? thank you for joining us. >> thank you for having me. >> for me the most interesting trade is the stock that's going sideways for the last couple years. it's china mobile. i think even if you see a
12:22 pm
slowdown there, the growth in the hand set market will be explosi explosive. so for me, china mobile. >> what's your trade? >> they are trying to promote through the new congress some of the domestic spending. starbucks has 570 outlets. i look at the growth, i look at the sales growth they have in that china market. i like at starbucks as nothing to the upside. that wins when you talk about china. >> they had a starbucks in the forbidden city. >> is that a nice club in las vegas? >> it sounds like a fun place. >> i like young brands. i'm on the china mobile train. i like bhp. but i really like yum because if china makes a move from here higher, yum benefits in a big way. starbucks as well. i think these guys have massive penetration there. continue to draw benefit from
12:23 pm
that. >> what's your china trade? >> i'm looking at cummins. this stock trades with china a lot. so at nine times earnings r for next year and 10% of the revenue. and the weak demand over there, we're thinking it's bottomed here. so they have a big 2013 coming up. on the way, if you have gold, you may want to buy more. plus answers on apple's maps. sometimes investing opportunities are hard to spot. you have to dig a little. fidelity's etf market tracker shows you the big picture on how different asset classes are performing, and it lets you go in for a closer look at areas within a class or sector that may be bucking a larger trend.
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welcome back to the halftime report. i'm jackie deangelis. up more than 8%. take a look at that chart. posted its third straight kwaerlly loss. but beating expectations. also saying it increased subscriber base. lots of conversation on the network today about this whether it's up for sale. also lots riding on blackberry
12:27 pm
10. >> thank you. pete, what would you do with this here? >> take advantage of the pop and remove some of it it and replace it with upside options. in case somebody has interest in this. but when people are talking about the 10 version, this doesn't come out until this coming year. it's still into the future. when you're talking about are they the apple killer, no, they compete with the rest of the hand sets. >> this is what you do. if you get this cheaper and enjoy the raler, get out of it. in our business, we call this a relief rally. that's what i'm talking about. >> let's talk about another name under pressure. facebook unwrapping a gift for shareholders. the stock spiking after them starting a gift giving service a allowing them to send cup cakes. what do you make? >> if they are collecting a
12:28 pm
toll, this is a good thing for facebook. look at the shares. 35 million have changed hands. average since the middle of august is 27 million shares. they have caught a lot of people flat footed and short because of the article this week. barrens has been dead wrong on this. and it looks like they are making back what they lost because of that. >> this is the dream. >> look at what amazon does. how many of those things that amazon delivers are they actually delivering from a.maza. >> i get everything via amazon directly. mike murphy, what do you think about facebook? >> it's great. another revenue stream for this company is phenomenal. and if i was on facebook, i would send you an early birthday present.
12:29 pm
>> did you own it before? would you buy it here because it? is this a fundamental change in the economics of this company? >> it is. i have been trading facebook. i wouldn't jump in here because i missed it. i don't know if 8% is enough to move. another pullback or another event where i think like we have traded into events if there was another event coming up where i thought there was possibility of a 7% move i would trade facebook. >> i'll give you that event. it comes on monday. they are going to talk about facebook. when we saw zucker berg come out and talk, people interpreted that and it shot up. it's faded ever since then. but with we have a catalyst in front of us. >> two days in a row of rally? >> i own the stock. but i'm coming back.
12:30 pm
>> gold turning lower today but remains on track for its biggest gain since the second quarter of 2010. let's make a pit stop. good to see you. what do you think? >> we go higher. we are expected to have the ryder cup in chicago, but we're pretty depressed when we saw the pmi data. presenting opportunities to buy dips. you saw armageddon creep in on wednesday. that was a great opportunity to get air because we want to test that february 1791 high. we almost got there in the last 24 hours. we're going to take the next leg higher. a great way to play that, getting that gld, that's the best move. >> what came out of spain? >> it was kind of a hesitant response. we're looking over to europe.
12:31 pm
i don't think traders were anticipating this. gold is going higher. banks are going to continue to buy. the biggest thing is the gdej. these are going to benefit here due to the fact it's the race to debate. they will devalue their currency and the minors will benefit from the fed continuing to beat up our own dollar. >> i think you're right about the direction of gold going to be up, but i was watching and we talked about it at the top of the show. gold was the gld when the news came out about spain. it briefly popped over 172. eight-cent rally. and now it's back down below 1 171.84. so i think they have slugged it off as far as what went on in europe and now they are going to look at things like the weak pmi in the states and whether or not we see the sentiment starting to drop off. >> happy friday, jeff.
12:32 pm
>> happy friday. and happy birthday to dr. j. tomorrow. >> thank you. >> you holding out on me? >> no. i never hold out on you. >> thank you, jeff. 35? >> yeah. we share september 29th as a birthday. happy birthday back. >> coming up, how the results of spain's bank stress test could affect your currency trades. and a sense of apple's direction. after its new maps leaves users lost. there's the eiffel tower, right? here's what you can expect from the the retail sector in the fourth quarter.
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>> here's our channel check for the retail sector. the most critical quarter for retail. holiday sales can tip the financial scale to a make or break year. technology investments from retailers like jcpenney will be put to the the ultimate test. and analysts predict the strongest strategies will best win the holiday sales dollars. saks says their shoppers three to four more times likely to spend with multiple channels to choose from. early signs point to a tablet interest. just in time for santa's big show. that's your channel check for retail. i'm courtney reagan. smart come, a crash management system and the world's only tridion safety cell which can withstand over three and a half tons. small in size. big on safety.
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the euro erasing early losses on the dollar. a capital shortfall of 60 billion euros for spanish banks let's bring in george davis with more. is this the reaction you expected? is that what you thought would happen? >> i think so. in terms of the outcome, it was
12:37 pm
right around that 60 billion level. so it really isn't a new surprise for the market. as a result, we have seen a little bit of short covering in the euro in response to that. >> you're saying by the dip. i thought $1.31 was like more like a spike. where's it going to go to from here? >> the spike that you mentioned up towards the level is quite healthy. but the bond buying program is going to underpin risk. but do we like buying the corrective levels? we take profit at the 160 area and a loss below. so that gives you a favorable risk ri ward. >> so you're in the camp that the euro trades higher. is parody out of the question?
12:38 pm
what's the right price? could it go back to 150 if europe straightens itself out? >> i think we could see a pushback towards the 135, 140 area. but i would highlight the fact there's still a lot of execution risk around the bond buying program in the sense we need countries to step up and request the aid and abide by the structural consequences and the conditions around that aid. so there's still some exkulgs risk, but if it goes smoothly, i think there's a chance to push up to the mid-130s. what the bond buying program has done is put a floor under risk to a large extent. it's going to prevent a very sharp decline in the euro as a result of that. >> all right. thanks. that's what they were hoping for. at least eliminating the destruction. good to see you. catch more currency trades every
12:39 pm
night on money in motion. this is one of my favorite segments of the day. cnbc taking votes for our interactive ego trip poll. e want you to vote on who you think had the biggest ego trip of the week. the real referees returning to the game, the bacon lovers who will see a shortage, or blackberry devotees with a new blackberry 10 operating system? the big reveal comes out on street signs today. >> you had me at bacon. you're not voting for the refs? >> they are tipping their hats to the stadium. that's there. it's come and gone. >> because people normally hate the refs. this is the only time in history. >> one and done. that's a blind date. >> you look like a bacon man to
12:40 pm
me. >> you should know. you would know about the nfl because you're busy at the operas with sub titles. don't even profane knowledge of the nfl. ask her. >> i have seen some games. i saw the blackbirds play the patriots. >> i think it's definitely the ref es. i agree with the guys completely. the bacon thing has been beaten to death. blackberry is done e. definitely the refs. >> all right. that was fun. tune in at 2:00 p.m. to see how you voted. still to come, can financials deliver in the fourth quarter? plus amazon looking to get into the online wine business. [ male announcer ] you are a business pro.
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coming up, a packed hour ahead. bank of america's strategy makes the first call for the s&p 500 for 2013. we'll probe her about it. first on cnbc. and tim cook saying i'm sorry for the iphone 5 map app troubles. saying sorry is tough, but was
12:44 pm
it the right move? and bank of america settling a record-breaking $2.5 billion class action lawsuit with ohio. the attorney general join us. now back to "fast money." >> how big a fiasco is apple maps? it's bad enough for tim cook to make an apology. he released a statement today. we fell short on this commitment. we're extremely story for this it frustration that's caused customers and we're doing everything we can to make maps better. how do you feel about that? >> no. >> yeah. >> he found his straights without any maps. he used the stars. >> this is a mystery to me.
12:45 pm
>> i don't think it's a reason to get out of the stock. i think it's a reason to be nervous short-term because i believe they knew about this problem before the launch. just as they knew about the antenna problem with the iphone 4. and the death grip issue. yet they brought them out and they overcame it. >> that turned out to be a blip in nothing. >> i would not think this sets apple back more than a few steps. >> i do like the eiffel tower in new mexico. >> that's an odd angle, i think, of the eiffel hour. >> it can looks like something from "independence day." >> is this the hoover dam? >> i think the map snafu, the only other misstep you can think back to apple having is that antenna issue. you look, the stock did well after that. so i think they will get past
12:46 pm
this. >> i'm laughing because we're showing the brooklyn bridge right now. that's clearly not it. it looks like it's melt ed. >> any overreaction to this is an overreaction. they will take care of it. they will get things done. and then everybody will be in love with the unit once again. >> so you buy tvs online. why not booze? amazon is looking to get back into the business to sell bottles directly to customers. good move? >> no. i'm not buying -- i like to have the bottle in my hand. >> they are like women in shoes. >> oddly enough, yes, i am. which is why you should shop at nordstroms. i'm not a wine online guy. that's me. >> i think it's a great move.
12:47 pm
>> we talked about it earlier, but it's the end of the quarter which doesn't just mean they are trying to mark up stocks. people are trying to make their quarterly numbers., i went on there last night, bought 36 bottles. why not? it's my birthday tomorrow. that will make me through the weekend. >> this can finally happen because they got rid of a lot of the laws that prohibited alcohol going across state lines. correct? so this is a whole new opportunity. >> and just like facebook, if you can take a toll for passing these things along and wine is a high-profit item, why wouldn't you? >> people do drink. >> a all right. still ae head, how to trade financials in the financial three months of the year. we'll be right back.
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12:50 pm
probes are widening for a handful of banks over dealings in iran. potential manipulation of the
12:51 pm
banks's key libor rates and botched credit rates. expect several settlements to hit the tape. although bank stocks are up 20% in 2012, the newest quantitative easing could cause yield to go lower. that's your q 4 check for financials. let's trade financials. mike murphy, slim shady, what are you doing with financials th this quarter? >> a name that we're long right now is wells fargo. the main reason is because the mortgage exposure they have. so i think selectively you can trade the financials but wells fargo is a core holding you can hold onto long term. >> guy who just admitted he doesn't know who slim shady is. >> then you said it was that m & ms character. >> well. >> i mean slim shady. when john bonham passed away 32 years ago on wednesday. i know that. >> who is that? >> what's the question?
12:52 pm
>> u.s. bank corps. >> slow and steady wins the race. usb. it was an opportunity. >> dr. jay? >> top performers in the quarter. goldman sachs was up 22%. jpmorgan was tlaggard here. >> i love jp morgan. i'm in that name but i'm also in citibank. potential for growth there on the earnings side, transparency. i like that name as well. i think you can go well either way. jp morgan gives you more dividend yield right now. >> you like "the family guy"? >> i do. >> let's look at the biggest pops and drops in midday trading. micron. >> it's up a couple of cents. it's smack in the middle of the range we've had for the last year. if you want a stock that's been under pressure and you believe in the tape intel a much better play. >> dr. jay, what do you do? >> guidance was good, accenture.
12:53 pm
a lot of firms are upgrading guidance. it's been a great ride. i'm not getting off yet. >> a drop in yum brands of1%. weren't we talking about this related to china earlier? >> we were. 49% of the revenue coming directly from china. that's part of the drop in this case. right on a support level. if i think it's still too cheap. >> a drop of toll brothers. >> they haven't been trading well. they've back infilled here. it's that support you can buy toll here. one of the best names in the group. >> and a drop for drunk riding. a florida man is spending some time in the stable. look at your screen here. after leading police on a wild horse chase. charles coward galloped through a stop sign on his horse willy, prompting police to try to pull over the tipsy trotter. here's the video again. the hopped-up horseman was eventually arrested and his
12:54 pm
exhausted steed was safely returned to the barn to sleep it off. >> which one was the horse or the driver? looks like you said -- which one was -- were they both hammered? >> i think the rider was drunk. even though it's florida. i covered crime there for ten years. you never know. the horse probably could -- >> you probably saw some crazy. >> you have no idea. in the next hour the calls from wall street what the s & p will look like by the end of 2013. first final trades next on "the halftime report." bob...
12:55 pm
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12:58 pm
impossible. and roger is an i can clean it up and make the product a better product. >> you can hear a lot more tonight on cnbc's "sports biz" 7:00 p.m. eastern time. >> he's going to tell everybody who the best running back is present day in the nfl he was. there's no doubt about this. 12,000 yards rushing, 6,000 yards receiving. did it all. first ballot hall of fame. he's going to tell you who right now is him. >> final trades. mike. >> final trade's going to be -- you caught me off guard. >> non-you're next. >> texas instrument. i like it. >> pete. >> it's going to go higher, mcdonald's. this stock's going to go to 100. >> guy. >> finish line. you'll be watching that tonight, no doubt. >> what? >> "sports biz." >> yes, i watch it all the time. >> every night. 7:00 eastern. >> you note texas longhorns are playing tomorrow night. >> you a longhorns fan? >> no. i just know that they're
12:59 pm
playing. mike murphy back on track here? >> cmi cummins long. >> got it. >> i bet you other college teams are playing this weekend too as it turns out. >> the whole slate. i mean. >> options, action, money and motion starting 5:00 p.m. eastern. can you tell it is friday?" power lunch" begins right now. michelle, i can sure tell it's friday. welcome everybody to "power lunch." the dow was down big times on news out of the midwest. then news out of madrid brought it back a bit. the dow down 49 points at 13436. rocky first half of the day. could it be a rocky second half of the day as we close out this third quarter of the year? now today one of wall street ease first major calls for 2013, we'll tell you what one


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